The Golden Child Way

Just a general rundown of how we raise our puppies!

  1. The first 4 weeks: Puppies are raised right in the middle of our home and family so that they are well socialized and exposed to noises like vacuums, TVs, blenders, etc.
  2. At 4 weeks old: Puppies are introduced to puppy mush (a mixture of soaked Fromms puppy kibble, goats milk, and organic full fat plain yogurt). Puppies are also introduced to the doggy door and usually are pros at it around 5 weeks old.
  3. At 6 weeks old: We start having puppy visits! We will schedule a block of time on Saturday mornings so that each family can come, see, and interact with the puppies.
  4. At 7 weeks old: THE BUSIEST WEEK! The puppies visit the vet to get thoroughly checked out and get their first puppy shots.
  5. Registered Names: Your puppy will go home with AKC pet registration applications. You will need to choose a registered name that goes along with your litter theme. The litter theme for Spring of 2021 will be “Spring Colors“. Your puppy’s AKC name will start with “Golden Child” (which is our kennel name) and then anything to do with “Spring Colors“. Just remember to have fun with it, as it has to be a unique name, from any other registered Golden in the AKC registry. Your puppies registered name will not be its call name. The call name is what they are known as, as part of your family (i.e. “Oakley”). Just let us know what you decide on!
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