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They are HERE!

Oakley successfully delivered 10 puppies on February 8th, 4 boys & 6 girls, with one girl still born. The other 9 puppies are doing great and are healthy, rapidly gaining weight. Dakota successfully delivered 10 puppies also, with 4 boys and 7 girls. All are also healthy and doing well. We have posted pictures to our Instagram page ( for both litters. Both Oakley and Dakota are very good moms, and very attentive to their new pups. We look forward to posting more pics, and showing you the pups rapid progress. We will start scheduling visits around the first week of March.

Winter Litter 2022

Dakota and Oakley finally started their heats, and because it has been almost a year since their last heat, we have decided to breed both of our girls. To keep Oakley on schedule, and to allow Dakota to retire after this last litter. We will be using the same stud as our last litter, Kobe, so our puppies will have a nice coloring range from light to dark.

We will start visiting Kobe next week, and should have a couple of litters by the first of February. Stay Tuned.

Fall / Winter Litter 2021

We are anxiously awaiting our girl Dakota to go into heat so she can have her last litter, before her retirement. We plan on using Kobe again, the stud from our Spring 2021 litter. We have found his puppies to be very evenly tempered, intelligent, adaptable, and easily trained. We have a good relationship with Kobe’s owner, and hope to continue that relationship going forward.

Typically our girls and Golden Retrievers in general go into heat every 6 months. Our girls typically go into heat in February and August, but as sometimes happen, two breeding females can sync their heat, and because Oakley will be late due to her last heat being a litter, Dakota is also late as well. I have heard from many breeders who breed Goldens, that just like when they deliver, they are on their own time schedule and will start when they want to. We have taken Dakota to a vet and he has given her some medication that will help her start her heat normally, any time now….

With that being said, we have quite a few that have put down deposits, and many more that have shown a strong interest for this Fall litter. We ask you to be as patient as you can, we will send out notifications as soon as she starts, and we can get the process going and start getting you more consistent communication.

For reference here are pictures of our Dakota and Kobe.

8 Weeks Old – Happy/Sad day for Golden Child Kennels – June 2021

Like all good things, our pups had to go home. And like every time we send our pups home to their forever homes, a piece of our heart goes with them. That is another reason we don’t do more than 1-2 litters a year, as we put our heart and soul in raising these babies. Our pups went to California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. We flew out one of our boys to Burbank, California this year, and he was such a good boy. We setup a Facebook litter page for those that had a pup in this Spring Litter to keep up with other litter mates progress. We are getting great feedback and a lot of praise for the demeanor, intelligence, adaptability, potty training, and obedience training that each has demonstrated in their new homes, and helped us to fine tune the things we do to prepare these babies for their forever homes. Here are some photos of our pups as they grow, mature, and become everything you have entrusted us to prepare them to be, to make it easier to blend into your homes.

6 Weeks Old

The pups are coming up on the 6 week mark tomorrow, and are starting to exhibit more personality, more curiosity, and want to play all the time, (especially at night). Last week they got their 5th week deworming treatment, and were weighed. They are all progressing on schedule and were all around 6 lbs. They go into the vet next week, and we are starting to personality test them (using the Volhard test). I hope you have been following our Instagram page, as we have been uploading most of Week 5/6 pictures there. We have had a request to do a tiktok video with our pups, as well as comfort someone who just lost an older pup due to old age. It reminds me of a saying that says, “Sometimes a dog is the only thing that can mend a crack in your broken heart. – Judy Desmond“. We firmly believe that, and that is one of the reasons we do what we do.

Happiness is an Excited and Curious Puppy!

4 Weeks Old!!

The puppies are 4 weeks old!! They are growing so fast!!  They are starting to play with each other and even started jumping out of the box!!  Friday we will start feeding puppy mush….  soaked puppy kibble (we feed Fromms Large Breed Puppy) mixed with goats milk and organic, plain, full fat yogurt.  They will LOVE it!! (I suggest you have all of these things on hand when puppy goes home!)

This Saturday & Sunday we will have puppy visits between 10:00-2:00.  (May 15-16) Please let us know what time you would like to come visit and meet us and the puppies!  We schedule in 30 minute intervals!

Next week we will be sending out our puppy packet… loads of great information about training, food, supplies, etc!!

3 Weeks Old – The Boys – May 5, 2021

Its the 3 week mark, and its time to weigh the pups, give them their first dose of de-wormer, and of course take their pictures. They are getting much more active, and will be ready for their future families to start coming over to play next week.

3 Weeks Old – The Girls – May 5, 2021

Its the 3 week mark, and its time to weigh the pups, give them their first dose of de-wormer, and of course take their pictures. They are getting much more active, and will be ready for their future families to start coming over to play next week.

2 Weeks Old – The Girls – April 30, 2021

What kind of folks would we be if we didn’t post the girls. We posted a video last night of all the pups getting ready for bed on our Instagram page, but here are the girls just by themselves, as well as a shortened video of Bedtime from last night.

2 Weeks Old Today – The Boys – April 27, 2021

Pups are starting to get big, starting to show more color (Golden Puppies will usually match the color of their ears when they fully mature), and their eyes are just starting to open. Personalities are starting to show more (talking a lot more), and they are learning to walk. All very exciting, and on track for their development.

We decided to get the 5 Boys together last night as we were putting them to bed, to give you a sneak peek into their coloring and sizes. We lined them up side-by-side, and this is what we ended up with. The Boys are slightly bigger than the Girls, but that is normal as well. Next week when they get their first De-worming Treatment, they will be weighed and assigned a color, so it will be easier to distinguish between the pups thereafter.

Puppy Progress Report – April 20, 2021

Pups are doing great. Oakley is doing very well as a new mom, and with 9 pups, has learned to stay close to her pups and attend to their needs. As a new mom, she is really turning out to be one of the better ones we have had. The best part of Golden Retrievers are of course the puppies! Here are some great pictures we have taken over the last few days. Today the pups are 1 week old.

Puppies are HERE! – April 13, 2021

Last night April 13, at 6:30pm Oakley started having contractions, and just like a Golden Retriever, she took her sweet time, but her 9th puppy was born at 11:35pm – 5x Boys, 4x Girls. Mom and her pups are doing very well and all were born healthy.

Oakley’s Spring Litter 2021
5 Boys & 4 Girls

Puppies are Coming! – March 23, 2021

Just got back from the vet today and Oakley is expecting her first litter the second week of April. The vet was able to confirm 6 puppies, possibly 7. For Oakley’s first litter this is a good sized litter for her. Healthy puppies are what we care about! Oakley was bred with a reputable AKC Sire in Peoria. Call name “Kobe”.


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Our puppy Oakley, has just turned two in December 2020, and we are excited about getting her ready to start breeding. She comes from a very reputable breeder in the Gilbert area and she has the right personality and health to be able to produce very healthy and happy puppies.

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